'Vogue' #2 Gets Sarah Palin-Level Money for Memoir

Wow, the delightful Grace Coddington, the creative director at Vogue, has turned back time to 1996 or 2004 or somewhere in there and allegedly sold a memoir to Random House for the low seven figures: the Observer is saying $1.2 million. Now this is a book I would read! (Like, when they send me the galley. I’m not saying I’d buy it.) This is a book that perhaps, maybe, you would read — loving, as you do, Condé Nast intriguers and swinging London in the 60s and various accounts of eccentricity. And, but, well… did she even kill anyone and/or become a prostitute? (I mean… perhaps she did! And/or will before her book deadline!) But this is Sarah Palin book money — the kind of money even Palin won’t get again, after her second book wildly underperformed her first, except of course until she becomes First Lady President of America, USA, and we give her all of everyone’s book money.