Reasons to Hate 'Page One'

“The Times newsroom, like most corporate nerve centers, is a labyrinth of intrigue, gossip, back-biting, rumor, false piety, rampant ambition, betrayal and deception. Those who play this game well are repugnant. They are also usually the people who run the place.”
 — This is a pretty brutal take-down of the documentary Page One

, written by Chris Hedges, and to be fair, the film really has it coming. It is also a pretty nasty and appropriate attack on Bill Keller, who was indeed a war cheerleader. (Never forget!) In the film, the main characters — David Carr, Brian Stelter and Captain Eye Candy, Tim Arango — come off great and are shown to their best. The film itself, as a documentary, is a disaster-piece, in part for some of the more political reasons brought up here.