Murdoch Hearing Suspended Due to Attack

Cameras cut off immediately at the Murdoch hearing as people in the room yelled — from what we could see, it looks like someone charged Rupert Murdoch from the audience. More as everyone figures out what the heck just happened. According to Josh Robin, who just rewound the tape: “Just looked at feed again — Rupert Murdoch was approached and seemingly attacked but does not appear to have been knocked down.” THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A PIE ATTACK. Also: “Murdoch attacker taken out of the room in hand-cuffs,” says Sky News. Apparently Wendi Deng got a swing in at the person? “Rupert Murdoch was pelted with a white substance during testimony — police have man in custody,” says Times UK. And now with slo-mo video, featuring Wendi Deng lunging into action. A+++.

And here’s who’s taking credit for it.

It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splatless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone




Jonnie Marbles

Protestor said “You’re a greedy billionaire” before hitting Murdoch really hard on the head. Looked like serious assaultTue Jul 19 16:03:39 via Twitter for Android

Paul Waugh

And the hearing has resumed.