It's Too Hot For Meth

We’re looking at a spate of days in the 90s starting this weekend, so, uh, stay off the pipe:

A word of caution to people who consume illegal stimulants and those who regularly take legal ones to treat the symptoms mental health issues, like ADHD or depression. Research is showing that, during heat waves, there is an increased risk of death among stimulant users. It’s a small increase — Time magazine reported that “for every week that the temperature exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit, New York City will experience two extra cocaine-related deaths.” And it seems to affect people taking particularly high doses. But, depending on the dosages you normally take, it could be a risk worth taking into account.

There ya go. No uppers for you! May we suggest alcohol instead? It’s the perfect accompaniment to any kind of weather.

Photo by Janice Waltzer