Wisconsin Democrats Pull Primary Candidates Against Fake Democrats

Welcome to the craziest moment in American politics. So, Republicans were going to force Democratic primaries in Wisconsin, alongside the six Republican state senator recall elections, by running fake Democrat candidates. So the Democrats had selected “placeholder” candidates for those primaries. Today, they announced that, since all the Republican-backed but Democrat-registered candidates have now filed to run, the Democrats won’t deign to run candidates against them in the primaries, because it’s a crazy waste of time and taxpayer money. Boom! Crazy right? Would you like to know more? Here is our helpful explanation of the whole Wisconsin mess. Related: this is a picture of suddenly-Democrat James Smith, who has just resigned his commission at the local Republican party to run as a Democrat for office in Wisconsin, so that he can run against his good pal Dan Kapanke in the upcoming recall election. It’s really just disgusting!