There Will Never Ever Be Jobs Again

This explains pretty much everything today! Let’s break down this “why there are no jobs” article, nearly every paragraph of which is either depressing or a bit fury-inducing. Here’s a one-two punch that deserves to have its dots connected:

1. “We just can’t afford to compete with countries like China on labor costs, especially when workers are getting even more expensive,” says manager of company.

2. “Indeed, equipment and software prices have dipped 2.4 percent since the recovery began, thanks largely to foreign manufacturing.”

Oh, I see. A supply-demand shame spiral! You can see where this is going. Anyway, then the poor manager is besieged by resumes when he posts a job — awww! — and then? He must “spend $150 for each drug test.” (Which: stop doing that?) Mercy. It’s hard to find a reason why anyone in America even wants to work!

(Bonus bit, from the chief economist at the National Federation of Independent Business: “We don’t have 11 million unemployed farmers today because over time farmers and their children transitioned into different sectors.” True! We have 2 million farmers who live in a completely bizarre hybrid socialist-corporatist country of their own.)