Suicide and the 'Slippery Slope' Argument

Suicide and the ‘Slippery Slope’ Argument

Are we still arguing about “assisted suicide”? Times web thinkie-typer Ross Douthat is, as he is “making an argument premised on the idea that suicide is generally wrong and helping someone kill themselves is generally a form of murder.” Also he starts referring to the deaths of people who choose suicide who are of “sound-enough mind and uncoerced” as “self-slaughter” — while making the case that it’s a “slippery slope.” Why, if we let mortally ill people have control over their own deaths, then maybe everyone will just give up and die. (Also people will start gay-marrying pigs and sheep.) Yeah, that’s why Jack Kervorkian assisted in all of 130 deaths. Has there ever actually been a slippery slope? (Don’t argue this with Douthat, he likely thinks Roe v. Wade is a slippery slope on the way to government-run childcare facilities that exist to mutilate toddlers.) Every slope looks slippery to the variety of Catholic whose sole interests on this earth are the control of other people’s bodies.