Beach Town Wants to Ban Black Parties, As Cops Shoot People

As we discussed last week, Miami Beach was paralyzed by fear and terror regarding the arrival of a couple hundred-thousand black people in town over Memorial Day Weekend. Well, they came, they went to Busta Rhymes’ birthday party and only a few people were shot. By the police.

As near as anyone can tell, cops came up on a “stalled car” with guns out and shot up the car, claiming the driver had a gun. Twelve police officers likely shot four bystanders, definitely killed the driver and three officers were mildly injured.

They did not find a weapon in the car, however.

The police “are investigating unconfirmed reports that shots came from the car and that passengers were in the vehicle and bailed out.” You know: “reports.”

(The YouTube video above, while confusing, doesn’t seem to show anyone “bailing out.”)

Also, in a very old-school move, the police confiscated local news cameras on the scene, and grabbed and smashed a cellphone recording the incident (and also threw the cellphone’s owner to the ground). They did, however, leave the car in the street until morning, quite riddled with bulletholes.

So of course today the City Council is meeting to decide what to do to keep black people from coming around.