Andrew Breitbart Puts the Shake On Congressman At Hijacked Presser

This is very, very weird! Andrew Breitbart, who is a blogger, is taking questions from the press at a press conference, instead of Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is now late. He took the time to trash the bloggers who named the woman who came forward with the Weiner alleged crotch photos. “Salon dot com and Joan Walsh played the role that Weiner wanted….” Then he went on to trash Gawker. And “The Daily Kos.” And: “I’m here also to get some answers as well!” Also he is guaranteeing that the Weiner pictures are of an “x-rated nature.” (Which he will not release.) And someone asked — it sounded like Azi Paybarah, of the Observer? — why he posted the photos in the first place. He responded: “It’s clearly a news story. Why are you trying to challenge a news story? … This is a legitimate story and this is a continual attempt to blame the messenger.” Now he is talking about ACORN and its “nefarious”-ness. And how he had to go around “the president’s protectors in the media” to release the TRUTH about the evils of ACORN. Closing statements? “I’ve seen a lot of this Congressman’s body. He’s in very good shape.” Then he challenged anyone to reveal a lie he’s ever told.

But the point of the event is that he went before the cameras, said that he had an x-rated photo of a Congressman, one which he will not reveal, and then waited for Weiner to respond… who will be on shortly. (I mean, allegedly? Is anyone sure this press conference… isn’t actually Breitbart’s? Politico’s Maggie Haberman says she’s sure it’s for real!)