A List Of Things President Obama Has Thrown "Under the Bus"

by Nate Hopper

Israel, according to Mitt Romney

Palestine, according to Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, according to Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Christianity, according to Tara Wall, deputy editor at The Washington Times

Hosni Mubarak, according to Foreign Policy’s Shadow Blog, pretty much any FOX guest

America, according to Michelle Malkin and Sophie B. Hawkins

Chris Rock, according to Joshua Keating at Foreign Policy’s Passport blog*

Democrats, according to Chris Stirewalt at FOX News

Tax evaders, according to Foreign Policy’s Shadow Blog

Fixed exchange rates, according to Daniel Drezner at Foreign Policy

Contraception, according to Michelle Malkin

Our allies in and around Eastern Europe, according to a writer at The American Thinker

No one, according to at Samuel Charap at Foreign Policy

His “fiscal commissioners,” according to Stephen Stromberg at The Washington Post

His grandmother, according to Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer and and others

Arizona, according to Greg Gutfeld at FOX

Joe Biden, according to an editor at The Daily Telegraph

2010 lame duck Congress, according to a cartoonist for The Akron Beacon-Journal

Shirley Sherrod, according to a cartoonist for The State Journal-Register

Gov. David Paterson, according to Dan Collins at The Huffington Post

His entire church, according to Michelle Malkin

Prof. Henry Louis Gates, according to Rush Limbaugh

Rosa Parks, according to Pat Buchanan

The financial sector, according to Citigroup Chief Executive Vikram Pandit, speaking on Charlie Rose

The LGBT community, according to historian Timothy McCarthy in The New York Times

His family, according to Politico’s Roger Simon

* Edited to add: Actually, nope, not Chris Rock. Keating was only using that as a mock example in his argument.

Nate Hopper is a summer Awl reporter.

Photo by David Boyle.