Yet Another Chambermaid Is Clearly Tool of Shadowy French Conspiracy

In what the New York Times described as “tawdry allegations,” the head of the International Monetary Fund and the possible next president of France was yanked out of first class on an Air France flight at JFK on charges that he’d raped a maid at the Sofitel in New York City.

Like most rapes, this is clearly an elaborate plot by the French Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, the French President and possibly the CIA and/or Carla Bruni. “He must have been trapped,” said the head of France’s Christian Democratic Party. “He is a well-known seducer but does not have the profile of a rapist,” said his official biographer. Others asked why a chambermaid was cleaning hotel rooms. Very suspicious! So there you have it.

This is the first success for a long-running attempt to entrap the IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Previous attempts include a woman who claimed that he attempted to rape her and another woman who said he held her against her will.

Already some papers are trying to name the chambermaid so that we can discover what intelligence agency pays her. Elsewhere, a few papers have noted that there is also a small chance that Strauss-Kahn is actually a predatory rapist.