Who are the Three bin Laden Wives?

It’s hard to keep track of bin Laden’s wives, so we’re in need of a womens’ magazine to get with them all and ask them about their taste in shoes. Let’s see!

Najwa Ghanem left him after 9/11, after giving birth to 11 of his 20 children; then came Khadijah Sharif, who was smart and older, and she dumped him in the 90s (yes, you read that timeline right — the marriages were willy-nilly); and then Khairiah Sabar, who may be dead; and Siham Sabar is also out of sight or missing; and there’s Amal al-Sadah (or Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah) the fifth wife, who’s Yemeni, and still just 27, and was the alleged “human shield.” So there’s three accounted for — and there’s “three widows” in custody. But which ones? Here’s a handy guide; here’s another. Maybe this will all make sense someday?