'Times' Gets Blowback from Mercenaries

“Executive Outcomes was hired by several African governments during the 1990s to put down rebellions and protect oil and diamond reserves; it did not stage coup attempts.”
 — Ah, it’s one of those annoying days on the New York Times correction page, when the paper can only report what you have down cold, which it’ll never get, and so they have to face up to complaints from global mercenary outfits. Shells within shells! Executive Outcomes (such a good name!) became a child of Strategic Resource Corporation, and contracted for Sandline International, both of which helped run the Sierra Leone “civil war,” and which is a sibling to Aegis Defence Services, which contracts for the Department of Defense, and which acquired Rubicon International Services Ltd, which had acquired Diplomatic Protection Ltd. These companies are most likely unrelated to, say, Military Professional Resources Inc., which subsumed Civilian Police International, before it was purchased by L-3 Communications, which was a spin-off of Lockheed-Martin. None or all of which are related to the American Iraqi Solutions Group and the other members of the Private Security Company Association of Iraq! All of these leave a tangled trail from Africa to Afghanistan to Asia, as they have been busy for decades conducting endless for-profit war operations.