Disturbed Lady Begs for Divorce on Jane Pratt's Website

Wow, so the long-awaited Jane Pratt website has arrived and… well, here is a truly horrifying first-person essay by a woman who obsessively monitors her husband’s masturbation and should probably be divorced post-haste. It’s incredible. She also recounts her attempts to talk to him about his “personal time” (ugh) and how he isn’t interested in chatting and she seems to find this shocking. (Guess what? He doesn’t want to talk about it!) Also she demands that he be fantasizing about her while this happens, which, I didn’t realize the only kind of appropriate monogamy extended to brain waves. I guess the good news is that their marriage is otherwise so great that they have nothing else to worry about. Elsewhere on the site, ladies who know music are infuriated by the site’s little “Where Have All the Paula Coles Gone?” blog post. Which, Paula Cole??? Paula Cole is a thing we miss? If so, good news, she just put out a new album eight months ago. All told: we’re gonna wait this one out! We like having more things on the Internet. We like Jane Pratt. We’re just… concerned. Their tagline, after all, is “where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded.” Just what the Internet needed more of!