13 Things to Do This Weekend

• Dog Eat Dog is having a record release party on Saturday!? (No, not the band of boys, that came later.) This 80s lady-fronted band never even put out an album — till now.

• Watch archival Woody Allen footage — starting with his first “60 Minutes” interview in 1974.

• Two films by Argentine director (and NYU grad) Martín Rejtman at MoMA!

• Go see Bridesmaids because apparently if you don’t, no woman will ever be allowed to be in a movie again.

• HEY THERE IS A NEW CHRIS ADRIAN BOOK, IT CAME OUT LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO AND WE MISSED IT. It looks tough but what else are you doing with your brain? (Laura Miller can’t seem to wrap her fingers around it in the NYTBR.)

• Go see three painters in SoHo, of all places.

• Go to brunch at M Wells (early!) and see the exhibition Made in Long Island City.

• Take an Internet Sabbath! Hurry, sundown, etc.

• Hi, the Alexander McQueen show is up at the Met! If you’re not still mad at him.

Barb Wire just went up on Netflix Instant the other day! That is the best Pam Anderson movie ever. I love it.

Go outside to our four fave places.

• Everyone’s going to see Donald Glover at the Musical Hall so you could sneak out to see My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Yes, I know it’s 2011!) at Santos Party House. Or The Queers at Asbury Lanes!

• They finally updated Angry Birds: Rio, so you could download that I guess.

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