The New Old Kate Bush: The Kick Upside (the Head)

The emotional rollercoaster of upcoming Kate Bush albums has been really hard on me! First it was like, oh holy cats, after six years, there’s a new surprise Kate Bush album! And then it was revealed that first, there was a reissue album, with no “new” material on it, just recastings of older material, and there’s vague talk of an album of new material, with no release date. But then that “covers” album started to sound very cool! (Plus she got permission from the James Joyce estate for the original lyrics to “The Sensual World”?!) And but then the tracklisting came out and then… there were only going to be songs from “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes,” which, hmm, eh. But that’s good that nothing ever be changed about “The Dreaming,” right? And then, then the first track was released (technically on sale tomorrow), a new version of “Deeper Understanding,” which, oooh, fascinating! (Stick around for at least a minute, and yes, that’s a no-video YouTube hack release, hence the weird embed below.) Anyway I’m already exhausted over all this.