Sarah Palin + Tyler Perry = Glenn Beck

It seems too obvious to even say, but what with the celebrations about Glenn Beck leaving Fox News… well, yes: “Essentially, he’s leaping from venue to venue and using each to get richer, more famous, and more validated. Now he’s a free agent with millions of dollars at his disposal and more than two million loyal fans.” Hi, Sarah Palin quit her job as a governor because it restrained her and her income potential. Why wouldn’t Glenn Beck do the same thing? (Besides, he’s been gaming this out for ages.) You don’t want to be the talent: you want to be the owner. And he doesn’t need a channel, he just needs a studio. And setting up your own shop is all the rage these days. After Tyler Perry showed everyone how it could be done, by creating his own Hollywood in Atlanta, other famous people are rushing to follow suit. Mark my words: Queen Latifah’s play to become the next Oprah, as she constructs Flavor Unit Entertainment, her operation now based in Miami — that’s going to be the best financial decision she’s ever made, what with its record company arm and its real estate holding company. Glenn Beck’s products are scarcely different: entertainment is entertainment, products are products. Soon there’ll be a big glistening Glenn Beck International Headquarters, which will be constructed entirely out of diamonds and skulls. Everybody’s gonna get rich or die trying!