Original Kentucky Musical Addresses Brain Drain This Year

Back in 2005, the Appalachian Program, a project of the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, put on a play based on local oral histories. This first largely addressed prescription drug abuse. This spring, they’re back again with a new original musical drama at the school’s Cumberland, KY campus, according to the Harlan Daily Enterprise, with “Higher Ground 3: Talking Dirt”: “Natasha Painter, of Wallins Creek, said this is her first year participating in Higher Ground. She said she plays the part of Beth. ‘Beth is a really strong character,’ said Painter. ‘She’s confused about whether to leave Harlan County or not. She loves the area and asks questions throughout the play trying to help her make her decision. I fell in love with the character because she is so much like me.’” Tickets are $4. Cumberland and Harlan are inside a trapezoid formed by Asheville NC, Knoxville TN, Lexington KY and Charleston WV. Elsewhere in the paper, on the opinion pages, is a note about two up-and-coming politicians: James Ryan and Michele Bachmann. The paper describes Bachmann as “a thoughtful, intelligent and dynamic spokeswoman for common sense and pragmatism.”