Only 14 More Hours of Family Planning Hostage-Taking

You know what would help solve the fake “deadlock” that may shut down the government at midnight? If Planned Parenthood could save money by not having to go state by state to defend legal abortion in courts from Arizona to Ohio to Missouri to Connecticut to Iowa. Since their public policy expenditures are something like $55 million, and Planned Parenthood’s government contracts and grants are only something like $363 million, none of which is used to pay for abortion services, they could get closer to not needing your government money if half the states in the country would stop pushing stupid laws. (Though the best part is, Planned Parenthood and its fellow litigants often get their legal bills paid, since they frequently win their cases against these stupid laws.) Also, everyone needs to stop saying that “abortion” is what is leading to the government shutdown, since the federal government is not allowed to provide funds for abortions. Really, the Republicans in actuality just don’t want you to get your sexually transmitted diseases treated.