No Frocking Way! Church: Gay Luv Gov Bland, Needs More "Seasoning"

The Episcopal Church ordains both ladies and convicted murderers (“same dif,” says the Catholic Church) in church roles, but they will serve no communion wine before its time, so former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, who entered the seminary just back in 2007, has, the Post claims, gotten a “fail” on the pass/fail system of priest ordainment. McGreevey availed himself of all the traditional (and expensive) methods of reputation repair after his tabloid divorce, his “coming out” and some minor disentanglement from Jersey-ism — saying that he was “in recovery,” consorting with stuffed animals to coax out his inner child, returning to his love of Jesus in a “nearly passionate” way and he even finally renounced a few of his cronies. Well, just one of them.