KidZania: The Magical World of a Child's Indoctrination Into Drudgery

If you think that Sims and FarmVille are evil tools to acclimate people into capitalist tedium and corporate consumption and a life of low expectations, then you’ll love KidZania — “a multinational chain of family entertainment centers, where kids try out professions that have been downsized, simplified, and made fun.” And it is dark! It’s a nation-state of “trying on adult jobs” while consuming McNuggets and Chevrolets. “Children do not create their own stories at KidZania. The story that some children are tasked with writing for the journalism activity at many franchises is a report on the how great the police are. Meanwhile, in the painting activity at KidZania Dubai, they do not paint their own picture but color in a picture of one of the KidZania mascots.” You truly want to read this.