It's Time to Ignore the Scary Man with the Bad Hair

It rather looks like it’s time to turn off the Donald Trump channel. Although he’s providing some delightful and much-needed levity in these rather frightening and oh-so-serious times, the fact remains that… HE’S BEHAVING QUITE TERRIBLY. And if it’s in service of something, what could that possibly be? Not just the whole warring with the Times thing — which, there is no way the Times should have given him space to air his incorrect views without rebuttal — and freaking out all over, straight-up birther-style, but printing out Vanity Fair blog posts and mailing them to Graydon Carter? He’s now a figurehead of a very, very small but very vocal group of paranoid conspiracy theorists, who spend all day leaving vaguely literate and rather sick comments on blogs and newspapers! That is their sole presence: angry blog comments! Is that something to which we need to pay attention?