Is 'Hanna' the First Movie All Year to Ace the Bechdel Test?

How many movies passed the Bechdel Test this year so far? Yes, sure, it’s a black/white, pass/fail set of criteria, which means that plenty of unconcerned products pass. So this year: From Prada to Nada and Bridesmaids both pass, which… might be sort of besides the point, or might be a related but more capitalist point? Jane Eyre squeaks under the wire. Briefly, Red Riding Hood too, which, uh. On a technicality, Paul. And Sucker Punch — though it’s also castigated as the most misogynist film in ages. Also The Last Lions, I think, if you count lady lions talking to other lady lions, I think, but maybe they are just talking about men. Though not sure if the lady lions have names? What else? Kind of maybe Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son! (Later this year: Crazy, Stupid, Love, Bad Teacher and The Help all do.) But first among them is Hanna, which is a vastly terrific film! Here’s my own movie test: when the trailer is terrific, I am now highly suspicious about the movie. (See: Battle: Los Angeles. Awesome trailer, garbagey movie.) So the Hanna trailer had me concerned. But no! Exceeds expectations. Would do business again. Oscars all around! If anything, I wanted another 20 minutes of it. Or 200. Would happily take several sequels and a long-lasting franchise and an amusement park ride.