Citizen: Big Government is Taxing Our Texas Dogs!

The Malakoff News serves (part of) Henderson County — county seat, Athens, Texas — overall home to almost 90,000 28,000 households. And just like the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, Henderson, if those fatcats in the Texas House have their way, will be redistricted into two districts. Henderson, says the paper, is the only county in the state to be butchered up in such a fashion, and the locals are ticked off. Then the robocalls started, blaming their (Republican) state representative for it all, and asking citizens to call him up. Unfortunately, the freshman is actually not on the redistricting committee. Meanwhile, closer to Malakoff? They are trying to tax everyone’s dogs!

A local dog owner writes to the paper:

I recieved my letter from the city stating that I could be fined up to $2,000 dollars if I didn’t register my dogs within 10 days. Let’s forget for a moment that gov. feels it has a right to make a buck off peoples everyday lives…how do they know I have dogs? Must be from vet records. What of those who don’t take their pets to the vet? Does the city know about them? I hope so, otherwise only the responsible folks will get these letters and that makes the ordinance discriminatory. Someone please answer my questions so I can feel secure that this ordinance will be enforced on EVERY pet owner in Malakoff.