Bronx DA Throws Out 10-15 Pot Cases Every Day

Here’s part two of the look at illegal street searches in New York that we discussed yesterday. It’s pretty bad, really! In addition to having as many as 15 misdemeanor marijuana possession citations being straight-up thrown out in the Bronx alone because the NYPD officer has actually written up that what the person is charged with is not in fact what happened! And, well: “Marijuana possession is now by far the most common misdemeanor charge in the city. Defense lawyers say if everyone with a marijuana charge actually fought his or her case to the fullest, the already overextended court system would grind to a halt.” And? “Last year, 1,142 people told the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) they were improperly searched during a stop-and-frisk. The CCRB is an independent agency that oversees police misconduct. The police department disciplined three percent of the officers involved in those 1,142 cases.”