10 Suggested Pivots for Color

Color, the app that makes location-based photo sharing possible, that launched with $41 million in investment three weeks ago, is… well, it’s still in business! But the day comes in every business where you send the employees into isolation to “hack” new schemes to pivot the business….

10. It could be like Shazam, which “listens” to music and tells you what it is! Except for colors: you point your camera at something and it names it. (“So that’s what chartreuse is!”)

9 Visual learning tools for pre-tweens and toddlers. (“Color: We Learn Together!”) Point and match shapes! Has great sponsorship opportunities.

8. Totally kicky Latina lady iPad mag. (Growth market!) Color: ¡Lo tenemos!

7. Flashlight app… with tints.

6. Downlow gay hookup app. (“Get some… color in your life.”)

5. Bouncy castle tossing-thing physics game. This has nothing to do with Color or colors but EVERYONE LOVES a game where you throw things and everyone loves a bouncy castle! Just seeing one on the side of the road can make you happy. Why wouldn’t you want one on your Android?

4. Time management scheme for creatives like artists and writers: divides segments of the day into “shades.” Early morning is “hot green productive time”; late morning is “light pink revision time”; all the other times of the day are “dark blue porn and furious self-recrimination time.”

3. I dunno, something with real estate? Like overseas vacation houses listings or something? But like, in the cloud, you see. (Note: Not sure I really know what “the cloud” is.)

2. Personal finance is still a hot segment right? Can’t we just rip of Mint or something? But by making it social? Like you could check-in at places and input how much money you spent! And share your savings! With a Groupon thingie! Like if enough people share their spending info, they get discounts! Magic!

1. Pay back the investors and fire the cofounders.