TechCrunch Awesomely Gives Giant Finger to AOL

This is terrific. It warms my heart! TechCrunch just took a big chomp out of the suits who asked them to “tone down” their coverage. They’d interviewed the makers of The Source Code, and then actually rather insightfully written about how the film was “trying to target” techies and the tech press. But the AOL Moviefone people who’d set up the interview were not happy and came crying to Techcrunch — which is, still fairly newly, owned by AOL — who then promptly told them to f off: “What I didn’t understand when writing my candid opinion about the movie and its marketing strategy was that Summit thought that by inviting me to their party they were basically buying a puff piece.” Oh yes! Welcome to the dark world of entertainment coverage. You think tech or politics is bad, you ain’t seen nothing.