Sign Up For The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Presented By The Awl!

That’s right, folks, it’s that time again! The ides of March are upon us, and it’s TIME TO GO MAD! Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? Well, that makes sense as I’ve currently not given you much, if any, context with which to understand what I’m saying. Wait, but you know what, readers of The Awl are so sports savvy*, I’m sure you guys caught my “mad March” reference up there as an allusion to our (now) annual tradition: The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Sponsored By The Awl!

The details are as follows:

1. Go to our official bracket page at Yahoo! (ESPN’s system is way too confusing and it was annoying to deal with last year) and sign up for an account if you don’t have an one already.
1b. Try to remember your Yahoo! account login and/or password.
1c. Click the password recovery link, but realize that you can’t remember what your alternate email address from 2003 was.
1d. Give up, take a deep breath, and just make a brand new Yahoo! account.
1e. Oh, Yahoo! ids work with Flickr now? That’s cool!

2. Fill out a bracket. You can find some pro tips here. NOTE: ONLY ONE BRACKET PER USER. Please don’t try to circumvent this rule, it will be annoying for us to police and embarrassing for you that you even tried to do that. If you want to name your bracket the same as your commenter name, that could be helpful for identification, but I’m sure you have some clever name picked out for your bracket that involves punnery. Oh, you and your wordplay!

3. Sit back and ENJOY THE TOURNEY — that’s short for tournament, but as if I had to tell you that, you crazy sports fan, you. Will Alex beat Choire this year? Where will young upstarts Adam Frucci, Edith Zimmerman and Carrie Frye land? Which users will complain to me that this bracket challenge system is annoying and they don’t get how it works! The suspense is killing me! Is it killing you? RIP me. I’m dead!

4. So get this, let’s say you win the whole bracket contest (Congratulations! You’ve won!), you win an actual awl, the very object that will never exist in the logo of this website. So that’s pretty fun for you! March is turning out better than you thought!

* Websites with poetry sections are often known to cater to the most savvy and fanatical sports fans.

Also: Contest void where prohibited by law etc., etc. disclaimer, disclaimer, you can imagine what sort of terms and conditions would need to be here.