Paper of Record: That 11-Year-Old in Texas Is Actually a Victim!

The 11-year-old in Texas who was raped by a group of men was not, it turns out, asking for it, reports the paper of record, which was previously not really clear regarding the sixth-grader’s ability to be considered a “proper” rape victim. (That is, when the paper wasn’t overly concerned about the futures of the young men involved.) Yes, it’s do-over time on the most outrageous story in the world, one that was so wildly mishandled that it prompted world-wide outcry and now… another, more thorough story — a story that is now about a “nightmarish ordeal.” (You think?) It turns out the 11-year-old in question was a very happy, “bubbly” young person who underwent a drastic and rapid personality change over a period of months. This personality change — in which she began to “dress older than her age,” as per the original story — apparently manifested at the same time that she began to be regularly sexually assaulted. (Go. Figure.)

In any event. This new story contains tons of really, really terrible detail and is probably not best read first thing in the morning! One thing to know is that Cleveland, Texas, only has a population of 7,605 — there’s only like 800 students total in the high school! — and nineteen young men are being charged.