How a Biller Becomes A Lobbyist

“Consider, for example, the curious case of Liz Fowler. Fowler went from being the chief counsel for the Senate Finance Committee to being the vice president for public policy and external affairs at health insurer WellPoint in 2006. But two years later, Fowler returned to the Hill as an aide to Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (Mont.), where she — guess what? — made sure that WellPoint’s interests were favored during the health care reform debate.

“Naturally, she then moved on to a position in the White House, where her job description became ‘to ‘oversee’ the implementation of the law.’

“I’m sure that Fowler took a substantial pay cut to do both of those jobs, as well, but I’m not worried about her livelihood, because if there’s one thing that Max Baucus is very, very good at, it’s getting his former staffers high-paying jobs in the health care lobbying industry.”

— It’s enough to make you join the Tea Party, right?