Horrible People Do Awful Thing To Teddy Bear

Terrible news from North Carolina, where a symbol of innocence and hope has fallen prey to the innate cruelty and emptiness of heart that seem to be the hallmark of the age:

One week ago today, villains… sneaked onto Tara Wilson’s front porch and stole the life-size black bear her father gave her for Christmas when she was 5. They gouged out its eyes, ripped open its gut, tore out its stuffing and wore its hide around the neighborhood like a trophy.

When the cry went out along her South Raleigh street — “Henry is missing!” — neighbors knocked on doors, quizzed the mail carrier and scoured dark corners until they spotted the culprit on a bicycle, Henry’s brutalized remains around his shoulders.

Henry “was all dirty,” said Wilson, 26. “And violated.”

This sickens me on every level. But I would like to know more about the violating, for some reason. [Via]

Photo by bixentro, from Flickr.