Glossy Mags Editors' Letters Beset by Social Consciences

We are living in a weird time of magazine editor’s letters! The April GQ editor’s letter from Jim Nelson decries the Johnny-come-latelies of people caring about the Middle East. (“And Yemen Would Be… Where Exactly?”) You tell ’em, buddy. And now, in his May issue, Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter goes big, trashing Bravo’s Andy Cohen and CNBC host Larry Kudlow (“prime examples of the danger of trying to live in your own socio-economic comfort bubble and wanting to have a public voice at the same time”) and then goes hog-wild on the subject of economic inequality — on the “danger of leaving overwhelming wealth and power in the grasp of a small minority.” This is unexpected! (And it seems a little like EW writing an attack on the celebrity industrial complex? Which, please let them never do!) Meanwhile, the April’s Town and Country brings editor Stephen Drucker’s farewell letter; his chair is being given to Jay Fielden. And also, he writes: “We’re privileged this month to visit the Lyford Cay Club, the easy-chic private community in the Bahamas that’s the essence of the Town & Country life.” (There’s also a spread on “The Women of Santa Barbara.” Yes, all of them! Kidding, just seven of them, including Baroness Léni Fé Bland.) Phew! It’s so reassuring to find the expected.