Being High Makes People Nicer

“In the first study they found that twice as many mall shoppers who had just ridden an up escalator contributed to the Salvation Army than shoppers who had just ridden the down escalator … In a final study, participants watched film clips of scenes taken from an airplane above the clouds, or through the window of a passenger car. Participants who had watched the clip of flying up above the clouds were 50 percent more cooperative in a computer game than those who had watched the car ride down on the ground. Overall these studies show remarkable consistency, linking height and different prosocial behaviors — i.e., donations, volunteering, compassion, and cooperation.”
 — Please stand up. Step up on your chair (careful if it’s a swivel chair — that’s very dangerous!) Look down at your computer screen. Now, will you please send me a thousand dollars? Scientists at the University of Carolina seem to have proven a strong connection between elevation and generosity. Amazing! Here are some embedded YouTube videos to illustrate the concept.