You Sneeze, Therefore You Are

“According to new research, a sneeze lets out more than sinus pressure — it reveals a lot about the sneezer’s personality. For example, a get-appreciated sneezer — someone who lets out loud, funny, or multiple achoos — are generally ‘well liked, playful and boisterous.’ The discreet, get-along sneezer are characterizes as ‘nurturers, supporters and good listeners,’ who don’t like to rock the boat. If you try to suppress a sneeze until it has no option but to escape in a manner that’s ‘loud, forceful and fast,’ then you’d be a get-it-done sneezer. And your hand flies to cover your mouth at the first sign of a tickle, you’re likely a be-good sneezer, a group also known for their methodical and judgmental personalities.” Or maybe it’s just the way you blow your nose. You never can tell.