Will Oldham Sings "The World's Greatest" And Interviews R. Kelly

“OLDHAM: I love that song ‘The World’s Greatest’ as well. We perform that song onstage sometimes. We do sort of like a country version of it.

KELLY: Yeah? I would love to hear that. You know, I took the Queen Mary to Europe once because I didn’t want to get on a plane . . .

OLDHAM: Because planes make you nervous?”
 — Have you read Will “Bonnie Prince Billy” Oldham interviewing R. Kelly in the new Interview magazine yet? If not, definitely do. It is an amazing and wonderful conversation about music and theater and boats and Africa and people and love and pain and talent and celebrity and loneliness and finding oneself and fear of flying.

Here are some tips on that, by the way.

And here’s R. Kelly’s original version of the “The World’s Greatest.”