Why Do You People Keep Insisting Twitter is "Perfect"?


Malcolm Gladwell apparently decided to stuff and mount his strawman Twitter arguments again: “He said he has it on his BlackBerry and made a ‘chh-chh’ technology sound effect while miming with his thumbs as if he was pressing buttons on a small device. He likes to read things his friends tweet. ‘Like I said, these are awesome tools,’ he added, fidgeting with the top on a water bottle resting next to his chair. ‘I just don’t know why it has to be perfect — right? — or why anyone would claim that it’s good at absolutely everything. Isn’t it enough that it’s an extraordinary means of sharing ideas and bringing people together?’

No, Malcs, it’s not enough for us! Everyone who disagrees with you about your bizarre malformed Twitter thoughts is, indeed, insisting that Twitter is “perfect” and “good at absolutely everything.” I was standing out on the curb all night with a big placard that said just that, and my gosh, I am so sleepy!