Today Only: A Fundraising Drive for Wisconsin Protestors

by The Awl

With Wisconsin firefighters promising the largest demonstration yet on Thursday, the historic show of solidarity in Madison is not abating. The Capitol rotunda remains occupied. And it’s working — a Gallup Poll now puts Americans at 61 percent against eliminating the unions’ collective bargaining rights. (And not the exact opposite, which is what Fox & Friends has amazingly claimed.) What happens in Wisconsin is certainly a blueprint for what goes down in other states, so many have asked what can be done to support the demonstrators from afar.

For one, the protesters appreciate hot coffee, food and water, so we are doing a small, one-day drive to raise funds to buy supplies to fuel those in Wisconsin. Abe Sauer will be at Capitol Square tonight and also definitely on Thursday evening and will deliver as much as the donations can buy (from a locally-owned vendor, of course) to those continuing to occupy the Capitol building. Here’s how it works: Paypal us a small amount of money, if you like (don’t go crazy), and we’ll give it all to Abe, he’ll buy things, deliver them and we’ll report back.

Update: We said don’t go crazy! Uh, so, if anyone in Madison would like to help Abe carry things tonight, you could email him at abesauer at gmail dot com.

Update update: Okay, wow, we are going to stop taking money at this point! We’ll update you later on the disposition of donations obviously, but basically there will be a boatload of material goods being delivered. Yow! Thanks everyone!