Reminder: Bay Area Rap

Last month, while I was making a friend a mixtape of my favorite 50 rap songs, I knew that I was bound to want to kick myself after sending it to him (and, foolhardily, publishing the list here) because I was surely forgetting something. I was proven right later that very week, when I saw that Awl contributor Willy Staley (who had censured me for including so few Californian rap songs on my list) had made his own list, “The 50 Greatest Bay Area Rap Songs,” for Sure enough, right there at no. 1, deservedly, was “I Got 5 On It,” by the Oakland duo Luniz — a tremendously great song, one I definitely would have on my list, but one that had totally slipped my mind. Now, as if to rub salt on my neurotic, self-inflicted wound, Complex offers another great Bay Area rap slide show: “Rap Atlas: Oakland.” It’s a much fun — full of music and information, and very easily to get lost in for an hour of your day. Best (or worst) of all, it’s the first in a series. So I’m sure I’ll be reminded of lots of other songs I’ll rue leaving off my stupid list.