Radio Host Vicki McKenna Claims Liberals Want to Assassinate Governor Scott Walker

by Abe Sauer

Vicki McKenna is a conservative radio talk show host for Madison’s WISN and WIBA. You can see her here on her personal website, tastefully and patriotically wrapped in an American flag.

Every day, McKenna’s program calls her “a voice of reason in a city of chaos.” Madison. Madison, Wisconsin! “A city of chaos.” She’s one of the star conservative voices in the region. Michelle Malkin endorses her as “The only voice we have in Madison.”

The recent protests against Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to bust up the pubic service unions has McKenna in a frenzy. Just before tweeting “FIRE THEM ALL” as a response to the teachers who have called in sick to protest, McKenna posted this little bit of news on her Facebook page: “LIBERALS CALLING TO ASSASSINATE SCOTT WALKER?!!”

FIRE THEM NOW. Feb 16 15:15:27 via Facebook

Vicki Mckenna

The totality of McKenna’s post reads “Posting on facebook today: OK, If you knew what a royal pain Walker was going to be…Would you have arrange a nice slow convertible ride for him while he was in Dallas? Is there a book depository in Madison?” [sic, all of it] No source is given.

Many of her Facebook followers immediately responded to the note. Jerry Smythe wrote, “This is sad but not unexpected. All too typical of the tactics of the left. Conservatives must always treat them with respect. They treat their political enemies any way they want with seeming impunity.”

McKenna is suggesting that somebody posted the following Kennedy assassination comparison comment on Facebook. And that is true that somebody did post that on Facebook earlier. That person was Vicki McKenna. Thirteen hours earlier, as a comment on one of her own earlier posts about the protests, McKenna wrote: “this is nice, just got this sent to me: ‘OK, If you knew what a royal pain Walker was going to be… Would you have arrange a nice slow convertible ride for him while he was in Dallas? Is there a book depository in Madison?’”

Conservative talk show host posts unsourced claim about assassinating Governor Walker in a comment thread on her own Facebook page. Half a day later, she finds the comment and is so outraged that she puts together a Facebook post about how liberal Facebookers are calling for the assassinating of Governor Walker. PRESTO! NEWS!

Even better, later on in her own post, McKenna follows up with a highly ironic question: “can you all imagine if i had put something like that up on a FB post?!!! my god, the headlines would be screaming: RIGHT WING RADIO HOST CALLS FOR LIBERAL ASSASSINATIONS! police would be alerted. i’d probably be arrested.”

McKenna found her discovery so important that she tweeted a link to the page as well.


Vicki Mckenna

After several tries, we finally reached McKenna. She responded to our questions about the source, writing only that “it was a post from a friend” and that “no, i don;t have a link.” McKenna added: “as a former reporter, i am interested to know how you conceive this as a news story, though?”

Meanwhile, right now, thousands more students and protestors are marching up State Street — quite peacefully.

UW students on move up State in huge #s, girl just hugged cop blocking traffic for them. #wiunion #notmywiThu Feb 17 16:33:24 via txt

Emily Mills

McKenna’s slanderous assassination accusation comes amidst rumors that Walker’s GOP backing is beginning to have second thoughts about the bill. Not Walker, who, in the face of even bigger protests today, spoke to Fox News, reiterated that the National Guard was ready, dismissed the protests as “just a few riled up” people — and more or less told all of his opposition to get stuffed.

Republicans are already setting sights on their next victim, with plans to dismantle the state’s regional transit authorities, essentially drawing the knife across the neck of improved mass transit.

McKenna’s inflamed rhetoric is beyond the pale even for her and is emblematic of the mindset behind the bill’s supporters. (Others on McKenna’s side have attempted to turn workers against one another with claims that the “City of Madison protects its unions, not its taxpayers,” as if union members did not pay taxes.)

Blah blah blah McKenna ashamed blah blah blah should be blah blah blah don’t hold your breath.

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