New Throwing Muses Record Coming Down the Pipe!

This very, very hilarious interview with Kristin Hersh discusses the recent recording sessions for a new Throwing Muses record — the first in almost ten years. “It’s EPIC,” said Hersh: “It’s the record that’s going to kill us.” In this brave new transitional era, since Hersh has gone to a fan-based model, there’s no more artificial structure placed on the making and release of music: “There’s no one to tell us what to do anymore, so release schedules have nothing to do with anything except for the right time for the listeners and the right time for the band…. I like that everything blew up, even though we had to lose a lot of good soldiers in the process, even though I had to starve in the process. You lose good men in revolutions, and you lose them first. We’re still in that phase, and yet, there’s this beautiful underground railroad kicking in.”