Expert Advice On Hosting A Super Bowl Party

“When you have that many people over, the garbage container seems to fill up to the point of over flowing every 10 minutes. Taking the garbage outside in the dead of winter requires me to get my coat, skully hat and boots because of all the snow we have been getting. There will be a minimum of seven trips to the garbage cans outside. A garbage run during a commercial time out in the 4th quarter turns into a longer than expected mission as the bottom of the bag breaks on the way to the can. I spend the next 15 minutes getting latex gloves and picking up all the disgusting chili-covered trash scattered in my driveway.”
 — Juice Crew rap great and passionate football fan Masta Ace moved out to “the proverbial suburbs of New Jersey” five years ago, and has since hosted a number of Super Bowl parties in his basement. He blogs about the pros and cons of hosting another one this year — including his predictions for the game at — at egotripland.