After Angry Birds: Great Web and Mobile Games

The human mind, for whatever reason, is built for challenges and puzzles. (What are running and jumping and fighting games but a great use for the part of our brain that used to have to hide from and hunt mammoths and tigers?) At their best, they get to engage the front of your mind while the back focuses on thinking through bigger life challenges. Worst case scenario? Mobile and flash games let you tear up a few idle hours and set aside the worries of the day.

The casual game market is divided into a few distinct types. And most people will really only love one or two genres of game! Minds are just like that, it turns out. In the wake of the Angry Birds phenomenon, much attention has been paid to physics-based tossing and throwing and smashing variety of games. But there’s so much more out there than just repetitively tossing things around!

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