The Proper Way For A Post-Punk Legend To Begin An Email

“I never use ‘Dear…’ It’s old-dearish.”
 — Jon King, managing director of the digital marketing agency Story Worldwide, weighs in on the debate over the proper salutation with which to start an email. King, who is the same Jon King who used to dance like a chicken undergoing electro-shock therapy and sing amazingly great, spiky, neo-Marxist punk rock songs with his band Gang of Four, generally begins emails to clients, “Often with no intro line at all. I assume they know who they are, and cut to the chase.”

Those clients include Faberge and Estee Lauder.

Gang of Four reunited a few years ago and — wow! I’m just learning this today — have a new album coming out next week. It’s called Content, and it’s getting very good reviews in the British press.

Oh, here’s a video for one of the songs from the new album:

That looks a little bit more like a scene from Lethal Weapon 2 than it should. And Jon King looks just like James Cromwell. But it’s good to see that he still dances like that.

Anyway, I think all emails should begin, “Buckle your seatbelt,” and end with “Flocka!”