"The Future Is Now": Download Amy Jean Porter's 2011 Desktop Calendar!

Ladies and gents, it’s the “Drawings in a Hurry: The Future is Now, 2011” calendar! Amy Jean Porter has made a drawing for each month, each of which tiles delightfully on your computer monitor. You can download the calendar, without captions, most easily here, in an adorable little zip file. [2.8MB] Those are the most handsome. Or you can download the calendar with captions here, if you like words, and who doesn’t? [3.4MB] Would you like to see it in action on my desktop?

Here’s the version with captions.

And here’s the textless version, which does indeed tile most handsomely!

Of course you can always choose to display it centered on a background or what have you. It’s your computer! Go nuts!

And yes, this is low-tech high-tech. You’ll have to remember to change over each month yourself. Here’s a look at each month.

For the computerphobic Mac user, just:

1. Download the file.

2. Unstuff it!

3. Open System Preferences/Desktop and Screensaver.

4. On the bottom left, hit the “plus” symbol to add a folder.

5. Add the unstuffed calendar’s folder, which will most likely be in your Downloads folder.

6. Pick the month and choose “tile.” Changing the month is easy — that folder will always be available now.

I’m sure you PC users can figure it out easily enough — or can eHow it.

Amy Jean Porter recently produce a print with 20×200. She also recently finished 106 drawings for her first book, “Of Lamb,” a collaboration with poet Matthea Harvey, to be published in early 2011.