Hilarious Reality TV Cop Scandal Engulfs Crazy City

Pop quiz: what’s America’s seventh-largest metropolitan area and also its number-one most crazy? Here’s a story, though, as these sort of things generally are, it’s a bit impenetrable. The distilled version: Miami’s police chief agreed to let the department star in a docusoap pilot about the hot and steamy life of cops in the City. But then he saw a cut of it, and saw that it was totally crazy — and learned it was produced by the Mayor’s son! — and withdrew his participation. What a good guy! Except that was all lies, as his emails later proved. He had already known that the Mayor’s son had recused himself from the production — and he’d given the pilot an enthusiastic go-ahead after seeing it, even asking when it’d be screened for the “boys” in the department. And never asked the company to stop trying to sell it to networks. The reason this came to light is that residents thought the dramatic selling cut of the docusoap really painted the city in a bad light, what with it glamorizing the City’s war on poor and black people and all. (The video seems to have been yanked from YouTube, but is available in Windows Media form.) The City is, unrelatedly, preparing for a recall election of the Mayor and a City Commissioner because, well… “Car dealer and former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman was angry over a property tax increase and a growing county payroll.”