Attractive People Are Also Smarter Than You

Science, tell me I’m not only pretty, but really smart: “AS if they didn’t have it easy enough already, good-looking people are also the cleverest, a new study has revealed. The research found handsome men scored 13.6 points above the average IQ score of 100. And beautiful women were 11.4 points above the norm, according to the London School of Economics.” Study author Satoshi Kanazawa theorizes that smart, good-looking people like to do sex to each other, resulting in smart, good-looking babies who will grow up wanting to do sex to other smart-good looking grown-up babies, in essence keeping all the smart, good-looking genes in the same pool. Kanazawa cautions, “our contention that beautiful people are more intelligent is purely scientific. It is not a prescription for how to treat or judge others.” Which, uh, good luck with that.