Winter: A Sneak Preview

Your temperature: Shivery.
Your atmospherics: Flurries, wind.
Your sidewalks: Not as icy as predicted, but the less coordinated among you might want to make sure you wear shoes with decent tread.
Your commute: Expect delays as you will be stuck behind small children who are desperate to walk through any patch of “snow” they can find and frustrated parents who are yanking them so far the other way you think that their little arms are going to snap right off.
Smoking conditions: Mild to medium difficulty, depending on your glove situation and the availability of heating grates in your area.
Scarf advisory: Do you have testicles? If yes, do not wear a scarf. If no, go crazy. Try something bright, ladies, we could use a little color out there.

Photo by Marc Veraart, from Flickr.