What A Not-Funny Musical-Comedy Golden Globes Morning!

Have you seen The Tourist? Probably not! I have. It’s horrible! There’s almost no dialogue, and what little dialogue there is gets harvested hard for the trailer, so pretty much you’ve already seen it. And now! Here are your Golden Globes nominees for best musical/comedy movie: Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, The Kids Are All Right, Red, The Tourist. Woof! What a pile of dogs. (As much as I enjoyed Red, and it was not technically bad, and of course Helen Mirren is delightful, and it was somewhat amusing and charming and not stupid, it would not have made my top 25 films of the year list.) One other thing on the nominations this year: Emma Stone’s nomination for Best Actress, Musical or Comedy, for Easy A. Have you seen this film? I’m not sure anyone has (anyone who’s not a teen or a 20-something gay). And I’m pretty sure we must — is this perhaps a subversive, delightfully sex-positive, pro-slut feminist romp?