Tyler Clementi's Family a Victim of our "'Law & Order' Culture," Suggests Freak

Tyler Clementi’s parents — Clementi was the Rutgers freshman who chose to kill himself after having a romantic encounter in his shared dorm room streamed on the Internet, by his roommate! — have reserved the right to sue the school at a future date. Rutgers denies all responsibility. Clementi’s roommate and his roommate’s partner in shaming remain charged with “invasion of privacy” and are in parts unknown. And here is an incoherent bit of rambling on the topic from someone with a Harvard J.D. who should probably know better, who makes a convoluted, speculative and fact-free case about… the sacred right of the individual? Something? I dunno, reading it mostly leads me to think that out of all this mess, we should probably all agree that a college education, Harvard or Rutgers, most certainly couldn’t be worth dying over.