There Are Actually Some Great Christmas Songs!

Okay. Just two weeks to go. Everybody’s sniffling and coughing and more regularly and severely hungover than usual. And feeling guilty about all the extra baked good they’re eating. And too busy with planning and shopping and going to holiday parties to even really enjoy any of it. And it’s so cold. (Will winter never end??!! Oh, right it hasn’t even started yet.) Worst of all, perhaps, the music. Which, if the world made any sense, we’d only be just starting to hear on the radio and TV commercials and piped into in the aisles of our corporate convenience stores, but instead have already been subjected to for three weeks. So much Christmas music sucks.

But not all of it. Some artists have actually made music that makes this especially trying time of year better and not worse. They’re like the guys who sell the Christmas trees on the street — every time I walk past and smell that delicious pine smell, I want to to thank them for helping us all get through this. We’re almost there.